Residential Ministry Homes for Recovering Women and Children

“Natalie’s House of Grace”
A Home for Women in Recovery

“Jessica’s House of Hope”
A Home for Women/Children

“Jesel’s House of Worship”
Philippines Home for Women/Children

CWCI, a non-profit 501c3, operates two beautiful residential, Christ centered ministry homes for recovering women and children.  We provide a Christian family atmosphere in our homes along with an outpatient program individually designed by our Director, Damaris Martinez who is a licensed marriage and family therapist and RN. We also have Christian therapists that volunteer their time to assist our clients and Bible studies in the home. Additionally we have a counseling center apart from the homes where classes are taught and professional therapy is available for anyone needing treatment that is not living in one of our homes.

We specialize in co-occurring disorders and will assist residents with the administration on prescribed non-addictive medications. All medications in our homes that are maintained by staff under a double locked system for safety.  A house manager oversees each home.  Because we send our clients to programs outside the home they are required to have a bus pass or transportation to get to their daily programs.  They also provide their own food.

The monthly rent is $600 and we require a $500 refundable deposit that is refunded when the program is completed, or the client has been with us for at least 3 months.  Our programs are 9-12 months and include the “Strive” program that prepares our clients to get back into the workplace if they are not working.

Additionally, we offer professional counseling services for women and their families at our community counseling center. We provide the highest quality of care possible and we strive to remove the limits and obstacles that prevent women and their families from seeking counseling.

For more information on our counseling center services, click here.