Residential Ministry Homes for Recovering Women and Children

“Natalie’s House of Grace
A Home for Women in Recovery

“Jessica’s House of Hope”
A Home for Women/Children

“Jesel’s House of Worship”
Philippines Home for Women/Children

Who Are We?

CWCI, a non-profit 501c3, is entirely staffed by a group of committed Christian women who are volunteers. We operate three beautiful residential, Christ centered ministry homes for recovering women and children. CWCI also operates a community counseling center for women and their families which is staffed by professional Christian Counselors who are also volunteers.

Who Are the Women and Children We Minister to?

Our homes are designed for women and their children who are in need of assistance in stabilizing their lives after a trauma or traumatic experience. These women are often recovering from divorce/separation, loss, custody issues, addiction, abuse, depression or mental illness.

What Do We Provide?

We provide a Christian family atmosphere in our homes along with a recovery program individually designed by our Director, Damaris Martinez who is a licensed marriage and family therapist and RN. All professional treatment services are provided within the community in collaboration with UCSD Gifford Clinic, Vista Hill Rehab; Parent Care and San Diego County Behavioral Health Clinics.
Additionally, we offer professional counseling services for women and their families at our community counseling center. We provide the highest quality of care possible and we strive to remove the limits and obstacles that prevent women and their families from seeking counseling.
For more information on our counseling center services, click here.

What Does It Cost?

The monthly fee is $600 and we require a $500 refundable deposit that is refunded when the program is completed. A 30 day notice is required to obtain a refund of this deposit. The monthly fees do not include a bus pass for public transportation or meals.

How Do I Apply for Admission?

All women must complete an interview with our director, Damaris Martinez RN, MFT to verify eligibility. All interviews and intakes are scheduled Monday-Friday between the hours of 1-5pm. Contact us by phone or text at 619-920-9977 to schedule an appointment for an interview.