The CWCI Counseling Center provides counseling services for you and your entire family.

Recommended Donation Per Session (45 Minutes)
Based on Gross Monthly Household Income*
Under $1500: $50.00
$1500-2000: $ 60.00
$2000-2500: $ 70.00
$2501-3000: $ 80.00
$3001-4000: $ 90.00
Over $4000: $100.00
*Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns so that we may be able to serve you or provide a referral if necessary.

Types of Services Provided:

Christian Counseling services for: Individuals, couples, children and families

Group Therapy for:
– Women that are survivors of child abuse, domestic violence or other abusive relationships (Dare To Live: On The Edge of Normal)
– Women who are currently in or have been in relationships with substance abusers or alcoholics and ACA (12 Steps A Spiritual Journey)
– Women who are survivors of sexual abuse

Support Groups for:
– Women who are currently going through divorce or having difficulty with significant relationships or who have recently ended significant relationships
– Women with chronic illness

Bible Studies for Women: “The Cure”  (Lynch)and “Hiding From Love” (Townsend)

We Specialize in Providing Service For:

Depression | Relationship Issues | PPD (Post-partum depression) | Anxiety or Fears | Divorce | Domestic Abuse | Domestic Violence | Loss or Grief | Family Violence |Trauma and PTSD


Residential Ministry-Recovery for WomenA comprehensive and affordable 9-12 month program of restoration.


Contact Us for Intake and Application Information