About Us

Christian Women’s Counseling International (CWC I) is a Christian ministry counseling center for women and their families. In addition to counseling services, we also provide bible studies, support groups and  a 9-12 month residential recovery program for women and children :Natalie’s House of Grace and Jessica’s House of HopeAll of our professional counseling services are provided by a licensed marriage and family therapist and all  of our services are supervised by a licensed marriage and family therapist.

It is the first center of it’s kind to be introduced to San Diego County and has a good standing certification and is a non-profit 501c3. C.W.C.I. is a response to a perceived gap in wellness care for women of faith. Traditionally, women of faith are offered two options when struggling with issues that are challenging them and their families. They have the option of seeking assistance from their churches in the form of prayer, bible study and meeting with their Pastors and other church members for counseling, or seeking treatment from counseling professionals outside of the church.

Although there are many excellent Christian counseling professionals serving outside of the church, there are not enough. Women of faith may be limited in their ability to afford professional treatment. Often the free or low-cost services provided by the community are restricted (usually by funding requirements) to providing this care  apart from the context of any faith. This places many women of faith in the position of having to separate their need for professional help from their spiritual need to be renewed by their faith. Christian Women’s Counseling provides counseling services to women and their families on a donation basis. There are no fees.

The church offers tremendous support and invaluable spiritual guidance. Our vision is to assist the church by providing these much needed professional counseling services on a donation basis which makes it affordable and accessible for all women and their families. Our goal is to care for women and their families with consideration of their christian world views and create a bridge to hope, healing and wellness as well as a renewed and transformed life.

ABOUT CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S COUNSELING INTERNATIONAL (CWCI) CWCI, is a ministry currently organized as a religious non-profit and assists local communities with establishing social enterprise non-profit Women’s Centers nationally and internationally. The Centers are developed for the specific community target population needs and each Center works to raise revenue to further the social missions of the organization. This is done by establishing Counseling Centers providing no fee counseling, social services, resource and referral services as well as low-cost Residential Homes for women and children struggling with issues of abuse and mental illness.

CWCI works diligently to build extensive partnerships within the local communities and construct networks for collaboration and mutual support. The benefits of these networks have been documented by researchers and include mutual learning; enhanced legitimacy and status; economic power; and an enhanced ability to manage uncertainty. As a ministry, CWCI seeks to create social value, not just organizational value; share leadership with the communities; relies on volunteers for knowledge and expertise and has to rely heavily on trust and relationships to accomplish the outlined vision and mission.

Statement Of Faith

As a faith based non-profit, CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S COUNSELING CENTERS INTL. is dedicated to serving all communities by caring for all people, without judgment or bias. Our goal is simply to be present and to fill the needs of women and their families, whenever possible. We do this because of our commitment and our abiding faith in God. The fact that God can be known in an intimate and individual personal experience while remaining incomprehensible is a paradox. Charles Spurgeon (1855) described the study of God in this way; “No subject of contemplation will tend more to humble the mind than the thoughts of God…the subject humbles the mind, it also expands it.” (as cited in Packer, 1973, p.12). Theology expands the mind and psychology mines the thoughts. These two fields of study converge and, at times, collide but the continuing possibilities of challenging the human mind persist. Humankind is engaged in a perennial quest to find meaning. The words of Spurgeon (1855), again, define this quest when he states, “Nothing will so enlarge the intellect, nothing so magnify the whole soul of [humanity], as a devout, earnest, continued investigation of the great subject of Deity” (as cited in Packer, 1973, p.14). The ability of theology to impact psychology, in the field of marriage and family therapy, lies in the spirituality of the therapist. The therapist’s ongoing study and grasp of theology beyond the study of marriage and family therapy profoundly impacts the presentation of the self of the therapist in relationship to the client. In the intimacy of the therapeutic relationship the client can view the ability of the therapist to express love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. In other words, the client is able to view the personal faith of the therapist. Our belief is that this is possible as long as our therapists and volunteers are securely resting in God’s hands, confident that God Himself will bring healing and comfort to the ones that He loves. Therefore, we believe that our therapists and volunteers do not need to convert, teach theology, or impose their own spiritual beliefs on the client in order for the client to have a spiritual experience and a personal encounter with God. CWCI therapists and volunteers rely on God alone to meet the client and engage the client in a personal spiritual relationship. Only then can we arrive at an understanding of what integrating faith with the practice of marriage and family therapy really means. How God does this exquisite integration and precise healing for the client while the therapist and volunteers remain at rest is a paradoxical reflection of the magnificently incomprehensible nature of God.